Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm officially a new blogger! Now I need to warn you all that I won't be the best blogger in the world. To be honest the only reason I want a blog is to be able to be accepted to people's blogs so I can blog stalk! You know you do it too so don't judge! Also, I'm warning you now that I have the worst grammar and spelling so just embrace it and try not to fix it!

Well so I thought I would start from the very beginning for those that don't know "the story" but it will be from my point of view!
I give full credit to David himself, his friends, and especially his very good friend Austin McNeil. David and his friends planned a 6 Flags trip. Austin invited me and at the time I was like "well I don't have anything going on right now and I've been super bored so why not" so I told him I'd go and they did all the planning! Well as it got closer I heard everyone that said they were going to go weren't going anymore so it was like seven only going now (one other girl and myself were the only girls) so I really didn't want to go but I felt way to bad if I bailed to! Well I went and it was the best decision ever made!

We were the only two that won prizes, so I made up the reason "hey we should take a picture of the prize winners" just so I could have a picture of him and me together! Yes that's his sweater that he let me wear the entire time because I was freezing!!

So of course we started dating afterwards!

At the lake!

Possibly one of my most favorite nights was when we went on top of the parking garages at the airport. NO, we did not kiss! At this point, since we had been dating, or being with each other every night, we hadn't even kissed yet. And of course, I wanted him to kiss me but I knew with time we would and that night it was just a nice night of getting to know each other better! Now to explain the picture above! Well right before we left we saw some wheel chairs and so we raced down the parking lot. You can guess who won!

At the Easter Pageant

Well probably 3 or 4 weeks later we went to BJ's with some friends and as he was driving me home he had on this old cd and the song "Its All Coming Back To Me Now" by Celine Dion came on and he literally knew every word with actions included! Well me and my sister LOVE this song and will BLAST it to this day whenever we have her ipod or on a road trip. So I thought this is definitely the final straw of me knowing that I actually love this guy. Haha I'm kidding in a way! Well that night he told me he loved me and I told him I loved him back!

Well to back up a bit. Before we even went to 6 flags, I wanted to do something different with my life, but I didn't want to change schools and I didn't want to leave my awesome job. So my brother, Tyler, had already signed up to go sell pest control for the summer in Texas, so he got me all signed up, but who knew I was gonna meet David. We were real serious that we even went and looked at the kind of rings I liked and didn't like. Well time was dwindling down to going to Texas and I contemplated many of times not going but it was something I felt I needed to do in the end.

The night before I left, he took me out to dinner at Gainey Ranch and then on a gondola ride afterwards! He knew I wanted to spend time with my family so we went back to my house and just hung out with them. We stopped by the store and got my favorite- "ice cream cake"! If you can't read the cake, he wrote "Peace out Jamie", such sentimental words huh?! just kidding, it was great! We said our good bye's with many tears from me but of course not him because he doesn't cry!

We obviously were doing a long distances relationship which was no fun at all! He was working and in summer school till late in the evening and then I was out trying to sell pest control till late in the evening so we texted all day long and talked for hours at night! Well I was supposed to be out there for 3 months but I was miserable and wanted to be home with the guy I loved and with family! So I prayed about coming home and both my family and his family fasted with and for me to whether I should come home or not. Well David and my sister, Jackie, were coming to visit and either I was staying for another month and a half when he would drive go back home to Mesa or I was riding back with him home. They left Friday evening and drove 16 hours and arrived Saturday morning.

We had a good time Saturday just seeing things I lived around for the last month and a half. Then Sunday morning came, which was the day he had to leave to make it back home for school and work the next day. (Yes, he drove 16 hours to Texas, didn't stay for even 24 hours, and drove right back home another 16 hours!) You can guess what I did! I definitely packed up everything and came right home with him.

The next day, Monday, of course I saw him when he was finished with school! That night he was saying goodnight to me and asked "hey lets go dinner tomorrow night, but i have homework to do so it won't be till later"! We planned for dinner the next night. As I thought more and more about this dinner I was thinking "this is a bit weird to go to dinner on a Tuesday night for us, we don't go out to eat on the weekdays". Well he called me when he was "supposedly" doing his homework and said when he'd come get me.

Luckily I dressed up cute that night because Tuesday, June 30, 2009 David proposed to me!! He came and picked me up and on our way out he said he needed to get gas, so me being the nosy girl I am, I looked down at this gas gage and it said half full so I thought "hmmm who really fills up their tank when its half full, on there way out on a date", and he seemed extra nervous that night. So as we were driving I asked him "where we going to dinner" and he said "a restaurant at the lake" and i asked "oh fun! whats the name" and he said jokingly "nielson's delight bahaha". Well as we were pulling up to the lake I saw his mom covering her face walking away from the dock. By the this time, I definitely knew was happening.
His parents had set up the boat out on the lake with a beautiful table set for us for dinner! The funny part is we really didn't even eat! He was soo nervous he got out the salad ate two bites, then got out the main course, ate two bites, got out the cake, ate one bite and then said lets just go sit up at the front of the boat. He took with him the 12 roses that were on the table which had a card tied to it. He read me the card which was 12 of the many reasons why he loved me to go with each rose. Then went to go find a white rose and told me it was meant for eternity but couldn't find it so he had me stand up and he knelt on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I said "OF COURSE I WILL!!"

We then made wedding plans, went on trips, and went on lots of fun dates to keep ourselves occupied for the long dreadful 3 months until we were married!

Exactly 69 days left! You bet I even took off a link everyday!

Boats made out of soap races at Mesa Arts Center with some of David's friends! I believe I came in 2nd and David came in 3rd! haha

Diamond Back's game with some friends! I was more excited to see the fireworks at the end of the game more than watching the game!

Just a few engagement pics!

Friday, September 25, 2009 FINALLY came!!! We were married that day in the Mesa Temple for time and all eternity!

Kacey was our photographer and did an AMAZING job! Here are a few favorites pics at the temple!

Now it has been a month that we've been married and have been loving every minute of it! It's the best feeling ever when you find and marry your best friend and love of your life and know you'll be with each other forever! I can't wait to able to be at my friend's and family's weddings to see the same happiness that I have with my wonderful, kind, most incredible husband in the world!