Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Our 1st Halloween!

We dressed up as aerobic instructors! And for the FIRST time ever the orange crush was dressed up as a pumpkin for halloween!

Me and Ellie (she was an army girl)

Jax(cowgirl?), Anais(Argentina soccer playing.. GO CHAD! about 4 more months left), and me! We went to my parents house which they had there ward party at and we enjoyed the cotton candy!

The costume winners go to.... Tyler and Christiaan! Can you guys what they are?

Our 1st camping trip!!

Me roasting my s'more

David eating his s'more!

Good Morning!!! We had a fun time just driving up to Payson for the night and just camping!

Miracle of the Year

Veterans Day my sister, Jackie, asked me and David to go hiking with her and her friend Jenna. Half way up we were waiting for Jackie and all the sudden Jenna says "Jackie just passed out!" When I looked back I literally thought Jackie was seizureing! As I ran down to help her, I was crying, being mad at myself for leaving her, and just thinking the absolute worst! Luckily she wasn't actually having a seizure, but she did fall head first and her head broke her fall. She ended getting about 16-20 stitches but luckily nothing happened internally. Jackie ended up okay and medical bills were definitely a miracle as well! We thank the kind Mexican man who helped her and gave her his sweaty bandanna. I love you Jax!!

FIRST Thanksgiving!

The last two Thankgivings Jackie and I have ran the 10K Turkey Trot. Well this year Porter asked me if I would run it with him. Well I definitely wasn't in shape this year so I agreed to run the 2 mile fun run with him and Braden. So Thanksgiving morning I headed off to go running! David got a bunch of buddies together and played some Turkey Bowl! I later came and watched the end of the game! (This was after he played)

This year we decided we would have Thanksgiving with the Nielson's and Christmas with the Arnett's. Thanksgiving afternoon we went to Gigi's and had an amazing dinner! It was waaay good and waaay fun! Every year the Nielson's do a HUGE bike ride to work off all the food we ate, and then have a picnic with the leftovers! Sadly, David had to work, but I still went to join in on the fun! This was most of the crew! Later that evening, most of us went to a church and played Slaughter Ball! We sure enjoyed Thanksgiving!

(Sorry Telicia I stole some of your pics!)

1st YSA activity we went to! Ladies stay stay away, just because we went doesn't mean David and Matt are available! Why don't they invite married couples to do this fun CHEAP stuff?!


David posing with our FIRST xmas tree!

Temple Lights!

We wanted to make Christmas sugar cookies, so we did! Notice our neon color food coloring! haha David made the only good ones. I definitely was horrible at decorating them!

Sitting on "Santa's" lap!

Santa putting together last toys!

Not the 1st but 2nd Annual

Tyler doing what he does 2nd best... dancing! (1st one is eating! bahaha)

We spent the night over at my parents and woke up with the kids to open presents! Funny story.. From my parents, I got a sewing machine and David got a shaver/clippers to cut his own hair. Later that day we went and opened presents at David's parents house. I got a sewing machine and David got a shaver/clippers to cut his own hair. Haha Yes, we got the exact same thing from both parents! It was hilarious!

David with his Christmas presents...
...and me with mine!

My 21st Birthday
David invited friends and family over to visit and eat stuff! Tyler with the ladies!

Me and my wonderful husband and his friends!

Afton, Jax, and Jasi!

Ash, Me, Anais!
My parents take us kids out to dinner for our birthday's every year. Mine and Jackie's birthday are so close we usually go together. Here we are at Logan's... and I don't know how Hayley sneaked into our birthday dinner!

1st of the Happy New Year

We went up to Gigi's Ranch for the new year with the Nielson fam! Here we are bringing in the New Year drinking frape. New Year's day T, Matt, David, and myself went snowboarding at Sunrise! It was an absolute BLAST! The next day we went sledding with the rest of the family and then the married couples went to the Snowflake Temple and enjoyed a session! Overall the trip was lots of fun!!

The four of us stopping for a pic!

Matt and T in front of us on the ski lift!

Me and David

Whats your New Years resolution? Together me and David are drinking no pop, it's been successful so far! Also, David's is to work out more.. and then I don't know what else. Mine is to stop picking my nose so much, weird i know but it will help me not get sick, and then keep in shape!

We hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays as much as we did and hope you all have a great year ahead!!

Happy New Year!!!