Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy What?

Happy Halfaversary!!
I know this is a silly post, BUT me and David have been married for SIX MONTHS!
CRAZY!! He brought this home! What a cute clever idea! He's the greatest!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

break the spring...

The best week I could ever imagine!! I had ZERO work so it was ALL play time for me!!

My mother and sister in laws decided we needed to take a girls camping trip! Tuesday morning we got all ready to go and headed up to Payson to camp in the woods! Pam is such a great girl scout and made sure we were taken care of! It was TONS of fun besides... going to bed! It was FREEZING!! It was sure worth the fun though!


The Nielson's decided to go do karaoke at Applebee's!

Me and David sang, of course, "It's All Coming Back"

Matt and T sang "It Must Be Love"

Me, Jenni, and T sang "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"Add Image


Myself, David, T, Matt, Jackie, and Hayley went to the lake! The water was FREEZING but we all got a nice sunburn! I didn't take many pictures.. i know, i'm horrible!

It was Hayley's first time at the lake and we basically made her wake board for the first time!

My dear husband! He's such a stud!
Monday - Friday

I told my mom that I wanted to make a rug for our kitchen so me, my mom, and jackie decided spring break would be the PERFECT time to make one! Monday we went and got our material and through out the whole week we've been working on them! Friday, I finished mine!!

This is a close up of the rug! :)

Our kitchen with the rug in it!!

I hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break as much as I did!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exciting News in the Arnett Fam

This little girl had something exciting happen!
Ellie turned 8 on February 19th! She was BAPTIZED February 27th! Hurray for Ellie!

This BIG boy had some waaay exciting news come.
Ty got his mission call!!
Sacramento, California-English Speaking
Reports May 12th
Congrats TP!!