Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live a Little

Well nothing to exciting has been happening with us! At the beginning of March I was finally finished with Shepherd Cheer. I choreographed there State routines. I think I’ll always have a love for cheer no matter how crazy it sometimes can be.

Quick side story.. a couple weeks ago I was listening to the radio and the discussion topic was "Is cheerleading a sport?" so of course my ears perk up... So there was a guy and a girl that were radio hosts, I don't know their names but let’s say the girl radio host's name was Sue just so people get the story. These two radio hosts were kinda bashing on cheerleaders. You could tell that Sue didn't think cheer was a sport. Well then a lady called in. She went off basically saying that cheerleading is a sport and challenged anyone to come do one of their practices and see how they can handle it. She basically told her opinion and then Sue came in and said "Well the cheerleaders that cheered for me in my sports didn't do a thing." Then the lady says "Well I don't know what small town you came from" Then Sue butts in and says "what did you say?" then the lady says "for all I know you could be from a small town" Then Sue said actually I was in the Olympics with 6 gold medals." Then the lady says "Oh and you were so good that that’s why you’re on the radio now huh" Then the radio hosts basically just wouldn't let the lady speak anymore and put her off the air... Anyways I thought the whole conversation was hilarious to listen to. I didn't do the story justice. I just liked how the lady that called in was totally giving it to Sue.. which I kinda had to agree with the lady that called in.

My opinion is that cheer can be a sport SOMETIMES. There are some teams out there that can't do a thing and just cheer on the sidelines which is totally okay with me but I don't think that’s a sport. But there are teams out there that work the butts off, that compete in different competitions, and at times can probably kick even a football player’s booty! Anyways that’s my random gibber jabber!
Here's a picture with the girls... some are missing though!

My supporters! David wasn't able to make it this here. Last year he would text me the dirty details of how the other teams against them did! Some could say that's pretty weird of him but I loved it so I basically made these to come! Which I dearly appreciated!


Recently we had a friend getting married up in Snowflake. Since David's great grandma has a ranch in Shumway we decided we would take a much needed little trip and stay up there for the weekend.

We drove up through Globe. The reason we came up through Globe was because David wanted to visit the Burger House really bad so we stopped at got green chili burros.. supposedly they are to die for!

The next day we had fun just roaming around! This place is an awesome view on his great gma's land!

David's favorite toy! We basically drove all day which got us good sunburns!

We visited the temple in Snowflake before the reception!

Last year we did a session here and we want to take pictures at all the temple's we go to and we never got our picture in front of this one so I made sure to get it!!
We both have been super busy with school. David is taking a big schedule so he can graduate by May next year! I've been trying to pass these dang hard classes so I can start my program in the Fall. Besides being super busy with school, we both have our own little things on the side.

I've been quilting. If you remember I learned how at my family reunion back in December.

This is the first one I did! It recently has been quilted (I call it the swirly lines) now I'm just finishing up on the binding!

This quilt is super cool because at the reunion we call picked out a fabric and got enough that each person that brought fabric got a 5 x 5 piece of everyone else's! We all make a quilt and see how different they are gonna turn out! I recently finished making the top part of this quilt. I'll post pics when they are both finished!

When David isn't at his full-time job or in one of this 5 classes at school, he's putting all of this time and energy into his business he is starting!

Right now the business consists of residential window cleaning. If you're interested give him a call and he'll give you a quote. (480) 788-TIER

Other than all that... SUMMER break is COMING SOON!!!