Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well it's official, I quit my job that I've had for THREE years! Tear! I absolutely loved my job but it is time to move on BUT I still am looking for another one so any of you that read this and know of anybody hiring, I'd appriciate if you told me!

On to the fun stuff!! We went to Lake Powell and man was it FUN!!
First, I'll introduce all the couples that came!! And I'll admit I stole like 5 pics from Lauren!
David and Myself on top of the houseboat!!
Allison and Craig Drew, the ones who put the whole shindig on! They we so wonderful, not for only inviting all of Jeff's friends but for ALL they did for us there!
Emily and Brad who are engaged to be married the end of July! HURRAY!
Austin and Ciara
Lauren and Jeff
Well Tadd didn't bring a date so i guess he thought Nate was a date during the bonfire!
Tadd also thought David was his date as well.
The two being a little to friendly in there wonderful wetsuits!
And last but not least, Tadd and David sleeping together! Yes, I slept in the houseboat all by my lonesome one night while David slept with Tadd! Should I be worried?!
We went to the pizza place there in Page and enjoyed the pizza.
On the way getting pizza, cracked my toe either on David's shoe or the bolt on the dock(my fault). But hey doesn't some kind of injury have to happy at Lake Powell? At least this was the worst it got! haha
Well we were lucky enought to go to the dedication of the Gila Temple and the jetskies were parked in the wrong place so right before we left David and Jeff moved them and so we had to talk a pic of David's nice outfit! I guess its ten times better than his white shorts (those that know what the white shorts are)
What did we do the whole time we were there??!
We watched the Suns games of course!!
Played card games!
Me and David when we were both the Scums!!
Wakeboarded was a must! I know my husband is a stud!! Sadly I didn't take that great of pics while David was going so this is the best I got.
We went on jet ski rides!!
Road on the tube!!
And of course we went fishing!
Emily with her fish!
David teaching me how to fish!
David up top! Lauren trying to get Tadd to kiss David's fish down on the bottom!
Me and David with MY fish!!
Just some pics of me and David!
One night Allison made us all leave and she set up a nice Luau party on top of the houseboat!
All the girls have a Hula Dance Competition! The boys were laughing at me but I'm pretty sure I was the best one and there Ciara was checkin out my moves! haha just kidding!
Emily actually won the contes and one this ear flapping dog! All boys doing there crazy dance!!

David won the boys contest! He won a baby towel for our first born child! haha

Everyone at dinner!

Well the Drew's wanted the other family member to come up have a nice vacation with them but Allison and Craig had to go back for Nate's graduation. They didn't want to drive the houseboat ALL the way into to marina so luckily me and David got the houseboat ALL by ourselves for a WHOLE day. We enjoyed it but also was stressed trying to tighten up the ropes with just the two of us.

We tried taking a cute picture before the sun went down but as you can tell we were a little late! Well we enjoyed our trip and we are so excited to go to California with the Nielson family this next week!! Woo Woo

I hope you all enjoy your summer! Stay cool and drink lots of water!! :)