Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catch Up Time

Well I haven't posted in a while but most of these pictures you all have probably seen on instgram or facebook! But oh well! And the pictures got out of order of what event happened first or last, so just go along with the post!

David Graduated

We first started off May with David Graduating college!!! I am so proud of him! He worked full-time and went to school full-time and it took him 3 1/2 years! Pretty impressive!
This sign was made by Telicia (his sister)! It is so cute and I just love it! So I made him take a picture with it as we were walking out!

He recently took another job being a financial planner... I can't remember but I might have put that in the last post I posted! So if you need any help with that stuff go to him! :)

Cali Trip

At the end of May we went to California with our friends (Jake and Kalli Jasper)!! Sadly I don't have any pictures with them because me and David are lame at taking pictures so I am lucky I have these. BUT hopefully Kali will send me some of the ones she took (hint: Kalli send them to me)! We had a blast relaxing on the beach, taking bike rides, watching tv/movies, and being lazy!! 
Eating yummy pizza!!

We went walking down the pier and found this bird chillin so David was trying to get as close to it with out me freaking out!

Us on our sweet new matching bikes!
A full view of our cute bikes! haha

One day we went to the San Diago Temple! I had never been to this one or seen it in person so it was way fun! We got to do initiatory's and do a session. Inside it has so many different hallways and places to go that it was easy getting lost! Real pretty though and loved every minute!

Tyler is Home

Tyler got home on May 17th. We have loved having him home!!
My new tradition for my brothers is I am going to make a quilt of the flag of where they went. Ty went to Sacamento California so here is the California flag! I basically figured how we would make it and Jackie helped A LOT by sewing! Not to brag too much but I think we did a pretty dang good job!

We made this sign or should I say two signs. Toro Cheer taught us well... making signs!

Here is a video of Ty when he came home! I hope the video works because it just shows how Ty is completely normal and not a weirdo like some missionaries when they come home! (not saying that's a bad thing if you are weird... Ty just wasn't)

Baby Gender

IT'S A ...

You might not be able to read but our doctor put on the ultra sound pic "There is no doubt something is sticking out"! I thought that was pretty funny! He likes to put funny captions on the pics!

I just LOVE this picture! Its probably just because this little guy is actually mine but I just love that you can actually see its a real live baby! CRAZY! This caption on the pic says "Heavenly Father are you really there? And do you hear and answer every 'fetal' prayer?" haha I thought that was cute!
 I can't believe in 3 short months we are going to be parents and be responsible for this little guy! I am beyond excited and wish time would hurry up!

In a couple of weeks we get to have another ultra sound so hopefully we get a few new more pics to share! 15 weeks to go!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well so much has happened and I haven't posted in forever!!

First, I need to clear up some things.

We bought a house (or a lot to build on)! We designed our home and were so excited. Well a couple of weeks ago we decided to cancel (tell you why in a second). So looks like we will be enjoying our small apartment for a little while longer!

David switched careers! He is no longer going to be working for the bank. He took a job to be a financial planner. So for the first little bit (while he's learner the ropes) it will be a little less money coming in. Which then helped us make the decision to cancel on our home. Rather safe then sorry I always say! Of course we are bummed about the home but we know this will be for the better. He is super excited for a change and his new job! So if anyone needs financial planning.. David's your guy!

ALSO... this news has been out to some time but I haven't official said it myself to the Internet world yet so now this makes it official.


It is crazy to think we are going to be parents!We both are beyond excited!! We told our parents by making them a quilt (since I am just loving to quilt these days). Both of our families are excited.. especially mine because this will be the first grand-baby!
Next appointment we get to find out what the baby is! So take your guesses now because I probably won't be posting until then!!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


... YUP we bought a house!
This is a little button we are putting on that says "SOLD" so no one can get our lot.
We get to build it, so we just finished all the designing and now we wait till they break ground. Hopefully in the next few weeks!! We are so excited to get out of an apartment!
So be ready for a "House Party" in June!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Thankful for Family

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. We had a fun filled weekend with family. To bad I only have one picture(of which I stole) of the whole weekend.
We started the morning off with running the Mesa 10k Turkey Trot with some of my siblings. Porter, Hayley, Braden, and myself ran it. Jackie bumbed out last minute and David is still recovering from shoulder surgery. I ran it the fastest I've done yet!
We then had dinner at Gigi's with all the Nielson's. Then spent time with some family over at Gma & Gpa Harmon's house.
Friday we had the annual Nielson bike ride. Luckily David's shoulder was sore because my legs were dying from running the day before so we did a short bike ride. Jackie and I did a little shopping afterwards, I wouldn't say I did Black Friday Shopping because I didn't get any smokin deals or fight anyone for anything! That night we got together with the Harmon side and played some slaughter ball.
Saturday me and David put up or Christmas decorations which makes our home fill so joyful and happy. Later that night we had a dinner for David's cousin, Chris, who is leaving on his mission in December.
We had a great weekend and loved spending time with family!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

good times

Memories like this ...
...helps me remember why I love coaching!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween/Boston Trip/David's Surgery

I've decided that I love holidays more for the decorating and fun things to bake than for the dressing up, presents, and parties. It is so fun either making the crafts or deciding which things to buy!
My sister in law is the craft queen!! She had a craft day and we made these way cute blocks, along with other crafts. On the back of the blocks it has "Merry Christmas" so we get a 2 in 1 deal! She said everyone that saw the blocks would say "Do they really have the exact number of letters?" haha she would say "No I left out the T in Christmas!" I'll have to show a pic for Christmas time when it comes.
Last year my sister, Jackie, wanted to make this ghost that my mom had made back in the day. David has named him Willy!
And then there is Frank. We got him from David's mom one year as a gift. We sure love Frank being our guard at the door!
One day I was at Joann's and saw this little plastic thing that you melt candy melts in and it comes out in these skeleton bones. It was more for the look not the taste!.. Well the brownies were good!

My cousin, Charisse, has recently moved to Boston. Our family is super close to theirs and we decided we need to take a girls trip to visit her! Gina, Amber, Hayley, Mom, Me, and Jackie waiting for our flight to leave!
The first day we got there we went to Salem to look at the Salem Witch Trail stuff.
Mom, Amber, Jax, and Carson
The whole gang eating some lunch.
Jackie had to pose with all the witch statues. I'm pretty sure I almost got hit by a car taking this picture.
Random pic but I love the houses there and I love this beautiful tree in the left corner. This is the street my cousin lives on.

New York Day Trip
We first got there and were welcomed by the most craziest cab driver ever! We fit all 7 of us in a little cab and the driver kept saying "No worries! No worries!" because we kept laughing that we were about to die!
I believe this is by the Rockafella Center. It as the all of the states flags. I took this one because there is Arizona and California flag by each other. (California for Tyler being on is mission.)
We stopped in a little shop kind of like a gas station but smaller and this cat was just chillin in there and wouldn't move when anyone walked by.
Anyone seen this dog before?! Love this show and I got a T-shirt! I guess its cool in New York for animals to chill in your stores.
Lots of people told us we HAD to get here. WAY good food and the most yummiest frozen hot chocolate!! Well worth anyone's time.
The bag I'm holding is a hint to the above picture of the dog! We took the Subway to most places. Pretty cool ... and gross. Don't ask me why I thought it was cool to hold out my thumb.
Boston Temple. Way pretty.
Well we went and did the Freedom Trail. Way cool just wished we had more time to be there! Here is little Carson(cousin's child) that definitely kept us entertained! I'm gonna miss this little guy!

David's Surgery
Do you remember back when David dislocated his shoulder on his birthday?! Well he ended up having to get surgery. So the day after I got back home he had surgery. Here he is right before going under!
I had to take a picture of how he basically slept and still sleeps. It is too uncomfortable for him to be in a normal bed. Those wondering what the tube thing is up to his arm, it is an ice machine that holds cold ice water that pumps cold water up to his arm which has been really nice to have.
Two days after his surgery he was finally able to take off the bandages. Really gross.. looked like diaper in real life.

Then I had to take a picture of his sweet outfit! The doctor told him to bring a button up shirt because it would be easiest to put on after the surgery. Well all the button up shirts he has is his nice ones for work so I went and found him this lovely 3XL(had to make sure it was way big with his bandages) shirt at Walmart for $5. Don't worry as I was driving to the hospital I noticed he was going to be in style because I saw two other men wearing this type of shirt!... Now don't be mistaken about the socks... they are not tights. They help him get the blood flowing.

I guess I should also say that they surgery went very well. He has already started physical therapy. The only bummer part is he still has to be in the sling for 5 more weeks!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Years Baaaaby!!

This last weekend we celebrated our
I just found this picture on the computer! It makes me laugh!

Since we are poor college students, we just spent the weekend doing what we do best. Nothing!

I love that we get to be with each other for eternity!