Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Are Family...

...was this year's theme for the Fred and Norma Arnett Family Reunion!! All that attended was just my dad's brothers and sisters which are known as "The Originals" and their families! When it comes to this group ... you gotta plan BIG!!
Thursday, December 30, 2010
The boys got up real early(the day that was freezing!) and played a game of golf.
(David is now addicted to golf - in fact that is what he's doing at this moment while i'm blogging)

The boys won the award for the most "snowmans". David won the award for being with the team that needs lessons(somethin like that). My dad won the award for "best dress", since he was decked out in Mountain View attire.
While the boys were out golfing, the girls got together and learned how to make quilts!! (I'm now addicted too but I told myself I couldn't work on it until I was done doing choreographing Shepherds Routine)

Jackie, David and Myself were in charge of "Minute To Win It" games at every meal. This was the older group trying to keep 3 balloons up for a minute!

We had Spud Races!

Our spud car! We definitely didn't win with our double decker and 3 wheeler!

"Music In My Bag"

We all were in different groups and had to make up a dance. Here's a little video I made with all of them. Its not the best quality because it just from a camera!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday morning after breakfast we were put into teams and had "Family Olympics"! We had to come up with a team name and a team cheer. The Arnett's are pretty competitive so you could just imagine how it all went down! I think there were about 8 different groups and each event was by one of "The Originals" and their Spouse.

The team I was on.. The Tigers!

The team David was on... The Bananas!

Can't have a family party without Uncle Steve's Train!

Me and Jackie were in charge of a Fashion Show with our grannie's clothes! We did this after dinner and had some of the cousins and 2nd cousin's join! It was definitely a hit!
Some of the outfits!
We had few outfits of our Grandpa Fred's. This picture my dad is walking down the catwalk with Grandpa's rob on!

Oh but just look whats underneath! My Granny made these shorts for my grandpa and somehow my dad has ended up with them!

Me and Jackie had goofy outfits on so we went down the catwalk together! Jackie is wearing my Granny's clown outfit she'd wear on Halloween. I'm wearing her MC Hammer pants that she wore doing a dance with her sisters some time ago!

"Musical Chairs"

or should I say Dancing Chairs! We had to dance while playing musical chairs! It was so much fun and Fred was on the microphone and if he saw someone dancing he'd give them "a pass"! That means if they didn't find a chair in the round that they got "a pass" then they got to stay in the game!

Here is a video of the little kids playing! Wait 10 seconds in and see how crazy some can get!
(I'm just going to brag for a little bit... I won the Adult group!.. but I had to put up a dang good dancing fight!)

We all had a blast! I'm grateful for my family and the joy they bring to me!
(not the best quality but it shows how many of us..roughly 200)

Until 2013!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas @ the Ranch

This year we had Christmas with the Nielson side. We went up to the Ranch in Shumway and enjoyed a nice Christmas up north!
Of course, Pam has to out do herself! I wish I would have saved the paper she sent out to us like 4 months in advance to invite us up to the Ranch. It was a cute little poem with a theme as "The Grinch"!
One day we all made "Who-Ville" out of gingerbread houses. David and I made the "City Hall" with the awesome clock tower! Amber made "The Grinch" on the sleigh. Kim made the "Out House". Matt, T, and Jon made little houses for the village. Kristin and Jonathan made the "Church".

I had to show the up close pic of Amber's grinch because she did an awesome job!!

One night we all got matching PJ's and Pam read us the story of "The Grinch" and then "Santa" came to visit Tyler and then we watched the old version of "The Grinch".

Everyone in their PJ's! Including The Grinch and Max!

Me and my cute husband in our matching PJ's!

Greatest sister-in-laws. I wished a blended in a little better, I stick out like a sore thumb!

Yes, I know you all are probably thinking what the heck is she thinking putting this up! Well this was our FIRST picture we took with our new camera we got for Christmas! Hurray!
The rest of the trip was way fun! We mostly ate and ate and ate! David and Matt went snowboarding the last day we were there at Sunrise. David had a bad fall(I better add that it was because of some stupid girl that cut him off) and I had to drive all the way home because he had a bad concussion, but he ended up being okay!

I'm grateful for this guy! He is absolutely amazing and I'm grateful that we fell in love so...
... I could join this fun, crazy, awesome, most amazing family I could ever be a part of!
I'm too lucky!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Our first sip of soda pop in one FULL YEAR!!! Our goal for 2010 was to drink no pop!! And we did it!!
2010 was a great year! It couldn't have ended better by being up at the ranch for Christmas with the Nielson's and enjoying a fabulous Fred and Norma Arnett Family Reunion!! Be ready for a long post sometime soon with some highlights of both!