Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well so much has happened and I haven't posted in forever!!

First, I need to clear up some things.

We bought a house (or a lot to build on)! We designed our home and were so excited. Well a couple of weeks ago we decided to cancel (tell you why in a second). So looks like we will be enjoying our small apartment for a little while longer!

David switched careers! He is no longer going to be working for the bank. He took a job to be a financial planner. So for the first little bit (while he's learner the ropes) it will be a little less money coming in. Which then helped us make the decision to cancel on our home. Rather safe then sorry I always say! Of course we are bummed about the home but we know this will be for the better. He is super excited for a change and his new job! So if anyone needs financial planning.. David's your guy!

ALSO... this news has been out to some time but I haven't official said it myself to the Internet world yet so now this makes it official.


It is crazy to think we are going to be parents!We both are beyond excited!! We told our parents by making them a quilt (since I am just loving to quilt these days). Both of our families are excited.. especially mine because this will be the first grand-baby!
Next appointment we get to find out what the baby is! So take your guesses now because I probably won't be posting until then!!