Thursday, February 18, 2010


David and myself having been watching ALL the seasons of Prison Break, and we finally finished!! The series are definitely good and always kept us on our toes!
But now we can finally get to bed earlier and actually have no more nightmares of being chased or killed!
For any wanting to watch it... all I advise is prepare yourself with weird dreams and less productivity in your life!

One last comment... I know my husband is the greatest!!! What guy blogs? haha MINE!! I love him!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lonely Valentines

Well I thought since its friday night and I am without my wife and really got nothing to do, that I would do a little update on our blog!

Well I first better let you in on a little bit of details. So it is Jamie and I's first Valentines together and of course it ends up being the weekend of Desert Devils big Cheer competition in California. So Thursday night I prepared dinner and had a gift ready for her with 1 rose for our first Valentines. She got home and she looked Gorgeous with her new hair do, (she had gotten in done that day). We enjoyed our evening together and she liked her little gifts from me, and of course we ended the night with her packing and we watched an episode of Prison Break

So today I headed off to work, kissing Jamie off for 3 days. Because I have school on my lunch break Monday through Thursday we look forward to Lunch on Fridays to be together, so I was sad as I went home for lunch until I walked through the door to find a box on the ground.

IT WAS A VALENTINES BOX!!! the note on the front which I cant read now said something about, Since Jamie couldnt be home for valentines with me she was sending me on a SCAVENGER HUNT!! Who doesnt like a scavenger hunt? Inside the box on the ground was Cologne which I have been out of for quite a while, and on it was a note which read...

Well of course then I had to go back to work and wait for 5 stinking hours until I could continue my scavenger hunt. I got home after what seemed like forever, and changed clothes and began on my scavenger hunt. I first went to the home of the Arnett's where i found the next clue, It was a plate of cookies with such as....

On the plate of cookies was a note that read...

So I headed off again to the home of the Orange Crush or shall I say my parents home. Of course no one was home at my house to join the fun, but there on the counter was the next stop. It was a Valentines mug full of goodies and a note.

She had given me coupons to Baskin Robins 31 flavors and 31 sayings of how much she loved me!! She loves me a whole lot!

On the mug was the next clue which read...

So I went out the door to her car to find...

You may think this is weird but yes that is a towel. I hate it because we have some amazing towels at our house but we use them for decoration and we use the cheap ones for ourselves, so she got me my own towel to use!! So then the next clue said...

So I was once again headed home, in which my lovely wife was then on the phone with me for. I got home and under the bed was a package. I opened it up and inside was a pair of VANS!!

Have you ever seen me wear vans?

Well I love them. Well that was our wonderful Valentines and my fun scavenger hunt that my wife sent me on. She is such a great wife I love her so much, She is amazing how much she does for me! I am going to miss her for these three long days. Hope you all enjoy your valentines day!


Monday, February 8, 2010

No Future Ahead

David and I went to Dave and Busters the other night and of course, we did the baby maker! We both are scared and won't be having babies for long while! Knock Knock On Wood...

No further explanation is needed.