Monday, August 16, 2010

News! News! News!

We've had so much exciting news happen the last few weeks and I'm so excited to finally share!!
But first I wanted to tell all about our fun and hilarious Family Home Evening tonight!
Any of you newlyweds have this book? Well we got it as a wedding present and tonight we combined two of the activities!
The first one was called "Hand In Hand". It says in the book "when you were engaged, people probably thought that you had been surgically joined at the hip! Now you can re-create that unity by spending and evening hand in hand."

We tied up our hands together and our feet together!
We then made "Scripture Cookies"! It gave us a scripture to look up and it had the ingredients in the scriptures! (ex: 1/3 cup Psalms 55:21... Butter!)

The hardest part were cracking the eggs! I think we got all the shells out! :)

David and I with the cookies and scriptures right before we put the cookies in the oven!
Even though it was TONS of fun making these, I highly advise to not use the recipe in the book! We ended up throwing away the "biscuit" looking cookies! They were pretty gross! haha
Well now onto the most exciting news David and I have been waiting for for months!!
One day my sister, Jackie, called me and said she saw on Emerson Elementary's marque (next to Carson JH) that they were hiring teacher aids. So I went down and asked the lady in the office! She basically looked at me as if I was retarded and told me they had already filled all the teacher aids! So I left super bummed but I was headed over to my parents house and I thought I should go check out Field Elementary (next to Poston JH) and see if they had any openings for teacher aids! Well the lady I talked to was so positive and helpful and basically told me I would get the job! I had to fill out a paper and bring it back the next day! I seriously left in tears... of joy! So of course I did and she told me I then needed to go get my finger prints at the HR department. Which means I need to bring my Social Security Card for them to copy. Well when I went home to get it, it wasn't there!! I realized that it was never sent to me when I changed my name!! Long story short, I went down to Phoenix the next day to get my SS Card. It all happened so fast but now I'm working at Field Elementary as a teachers aid! Yes its not the greatest job in the world but it will help me get my foot in the door with public schools!
My next exciting news caught me TOTALLY off guard!! Well let me give you all some background! Two Sundays ago our Bishop was trying to find out who could all play the piano. So of course I said I could! So I was thinking "oh great I'll probably be getting a piano calling!" Well Wednesday came and of course I get a call from our Bishops planning guy asking if I could meet with our Bishop on Thursday night and to bring my husband along! So going into our interview on Thursday night I was so SURE that I was getting a piano calling! So as we're sitting in the office Bishop says "Well we are changing up the Primary Presidency and the lady called as the President as asked you to be her SECRETARY!" I was totally shocked! I wanted to cry by being over whelmed! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but to me it seems like a HUGE calling! I've only been a little ol primary teacher! I feel like I'm still a little girl!! How am I supposed to be in a presidency?! Well I accepted and was sustained and set apart on Sunday! Although it's a little scary, I'm SUPER EXCITED to work with the ladies that are in the Presidency and continue to work with the little children!
I'm sorry if I bored you but that's us in a nutshell these days! I hope everyone's summer was great! I wish all those who start school a good luck and all those who have kids starting school good luck as well! And the rest of you that don't fit in those categories... good luck to you too I guess! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new vs. old

Remember I got a sewing machine for Christmas?
Well so did my sister Jackie and my sister in law Candice.
Candice and her sister started making a purse with their new sewing machines. Then recently Jackie made two purses. My mom then made a school bag for Ellie.
Well after all this, I was getting pretty jealous of all the fun, BUT I don't use purses! The primary bag I've been using is pretty ugly and manly. My dad used it back in the day!
So I decided to make a church bag! I think, it turned out super cute! My mom helped me understand how to make it and probably sewed a few things for me but I made most of it!
Old Primary Bag

New Primary Bag

I'm so proud of it and so happy to finally use my sewing machine!
Me and Jackie did take pictures together sewing with our machines but Jackie has those on her camera so when she posts them, check out her blog!