Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Almost One...

David went to Virginia/Washington D.C. for his good buddy's wedding, Jeff Drew. Jeff married a girl from there, Lauren Young(now Drew!)
I'll be very honest. This was no fun! I stayed home all by my little lonesome. AND yes, I stayed at my own home and didn't stay at any parents house!
Short phone calls, David having a blast without me, and sleeping by myself is what made the long 4 days drag out!
Even though it wasn't fun on my part. David had lots of fun spending time with his buddies and seeing all the sights in D.C.! He was thoughtful took pictures and took videos around the town.

This video was my favorite because he makes the funniest facial expressions and he has such a dirty mustache! Plus he's just so dang cute!

Of course he didn't take any pictures of the wedding though... (boys will be boys!)

While he was in half way across the states, what kept me happy was thinking we'd be going to VEGAS the next week for our ANNIVERSARY!!! IT ALMOST BEEN ONE YEAR!! YAHOO!

After we had just drove past the dam, we came around the corner seeing "HELICOPTER RIDES"! We both had never been in a helicopter so we stopped and took a 2 minute ride!
It was AWESOME!!

We finally made it too our hotel! As soon as we got there we showered and got ready for the night! This is us chillin on the bed!

That night we saw the Cique Du Soleil show "The Beatles - LOVE"! It was AMAZING!!
We had awesome seats, due to David purchasing them a little late! (I didn't complain!) haha
The pic below is blurry but obviously we weren't the picture takers!!

What else do you do in Vegas?! You gotta play a few slots! It was actually fun although we didn't win anything. We lost $7, which we thought was good.. i guess!

You can't tell what we are standing in front of here but its the "Bellagio" right before the fountains came on! Those are always a hit!

One of our goals is to go to a different temple when we go out of town. So we escaped "Sin City" and took a trip to the Vegas Temple! It was very refreshing and we were glad we went!
The celestial room is by far the prettiest celestial room we've seen out all the temples we've been in!! (Which isn't many temples, but it was super pretty!!)
If you look closely you'll notice David wearing jeans. Why? Well he was a smart one and forgot to bring his hanging clothes, so we had to take a trip to Ross and buy him a new shirt and tie to look somewhat presentable going to the temple!

After the temple we went walking down the strip! We visited the M&M Store and Coca Cola Store! And NO this isn't soda we are drinking (we aren't drinking pop for the whole 2010 year)! It was soo hot and we definitely enjoyed our Slurpee!

We were sick of just standing there smiling in front of everything so here's us doing handstands in front of "New York New York"!!
The picture in front of the huge "Luxor" building was a pretty funny story. We need someone to take a picture so David goes up to this guy and asks him to take a picture and the guy doesn't speak English very well so all he says is "pic-ture?" and David says "Si!" and then the guy's friend comes over and says "Did he just say 'Si'?" and starts laughing and then says "We don't speak Spanish we're from Wales!" haha it was super funny!
(Maybe you had to be there!)

We then made it back to our hotel to pick up the car and go down to the "Stratosphere" hotel to ride the rides! We were in the observation part and David starting getting scared so we hurried up and rode the two rides we purchased! They were soo fun but definitely scary!! I'm really sad we didn't buy the picture they took when we did the "big shot" because David's face was soo hilarious! He was definitely scared!

Us in front of our hotel! We loved the "Mirage"!!
Vegas was a hit ... BUT ... back to the real world of hard school classes and boring work!!
Hope you guys are all doing great!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

David's the BIRTHDAY BOY!!

My wonderful husband turned 23 today!!
I'm so sorry for everyone else because I definitely have the best husband in the world!! I could write all the reasons why I love him but the post would be too long!! But I definitely love David so much and I am so grateful for a husband that is willing to take care for us and holds the priesthood faithfully and always makes me happy and others happy! I love this guy to death want to wish him a very very special and happy birthday!!
I love you babe!!