Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Years Baaaaby!!

This last weekend we celebrated our
I just found this picture on the computer! It makes me laugh!

Since we are poor college students, we just spent the weekend doing what we do best. Nothing!

I love that we get to be with each other for eternity!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday....?

My sweet husband turn 24 on Monday!!

Saturday I had wrapped his gifts and put them on the table. The little excited boy he is couldn't wait till his actual BIG day so Sunday afternoon he opened his gifts.

He's really been wanting grill utensils. All we've had is a dinky fork for him to use so he got a nice set of grill utensils. Along with some shorts that don't fit him so we had to take them back but will have to find new ones! And one of his favorite snacks, Golden Oreos. Just in case you look at the card and only read "SEXY STUNNING". The card said "I was going to have a sexy, stunning, incredible shaped woman jump out of your Birthday Cake.... (on the inside) but I didn't want to get frosting in my hair." I thought it fitted David pretty well.

All that David really wanted for his birthday was to go to the lake. His uncle went as well so this picture is from their boat. I stole a pic from Tana!
Everyone had a good time ... although someone did get hurt... the birthday boy :(
This picture shows the jump David was doing when is arm dislocated. We got him on the boat and his dad pulled it back into place. Then I was wake boarding after him and he lifted his arm again and it popped right back out. So we got a little worried and told him he couldn't move his arm at all!

Here is the poor boy just laying there not moving a bit. He went to the doctor but he has to go to another doctor to get xrays so we find out tomorrow if anything serious happened.

Afterwards David opened gifts and we ate cake and ice cream. Tyler helped Grandma pick out a cake and so he had to help put candles in the cake.

Happy Birthday