Monday, May 17, 2010

): people are leaving me :(

Tyler said there were a few things he wanted to do before he left on his mission! One of them was he wanted to get up on a wakeboard at the lake, SOOO David's dad was soo soo nice and let him take our family out to the lake!

Mom, Jax, Ty, & Hay on the boat!
Hay, me, & Ellie...Don't mind my eye's shut, I put this on on because Hayley and Ellie look cute!
Ellie and Jax on the Tube!!

All the boys but David and Dad on the tube!! Boy was it funny to watch them!

My studly husband! He had great patience with me driving the boat because I'm not good AT ALL!
Best pic of the day! Porter was scared out of his mind to fall off. Don't worry, Jeff pulled him back up and then Jeff took a hard fall!! Really funny though!! And just incase you were wondering, Ty did get up on the wakeboard, I just didn't post a picture!!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
At the airport saying our good-bye's (tear!)

The fam before Ty left through Security! There were 3 other missionaries at the airport that day leaving as well. Us girls were holding up just great until we look over at one of the brothers of the other missionary and he was BAWLING his eyes out and that started the tears from us girls!!Some people might see this picture and think "you would" and YES we totally would watch his plane leave at the top of the parking garage!
Ty's plane taking off to Utah!!

Not only is Ty leaving me, but ANAIS my best friend is moving up to utah!! Her missionary got home and she graduated from school and is looking for a job up there in utah!!
Our farwell dinner at BJ'sAt Anais' the night before she left! I have a totally fake smile, and you'll find out next picture!! But Anais better know she better come back to visit ALL THE TIME and she better know I'm gonna come visit her ALL THE TIME!

Friday the 14th, I got my two bottom wisdom teeth out!! That is why I have a cheesy smile with Anais ^ because I got them out that same day!
Luckily, I have an awesome uncle and an awesome cousin who came in on their DAY OFF to take them out! David was being silly and took this picture! Which I wasn't too happy about when he took it but now I kinda am! haha

I made this silly picture because he totally took such great care of me after I got my wisdom teeth out, even when he had to go to work the next day, he made many phone calls checking up on me and sent his mother to help me out(which i dearly appreciated)!! I know the picture says "Husband of the month!" but he really deserves "HUSBAND OF THE ETERNTIES!!!" haha I love him!!