Friday, July 23, 2010

time to sit back and unwind...

We've had soo much going on and its been forever since I've blogged so I will tell you all this should be a long one!!
We were able to take a break and go to California with the Nielson's!!
We had tons and tons of fun!!!
The wet suit gang!! Don't we all look so attractive!!
Can't get enough of the beach!! Love it!!
David and Jonathan coming out of the ocean with seaweed!! EWWW you guys are gross!!

I had to put this one up!! He's just too cute not too!! I hope when me and David start having kids they are as happy as this little guy is!!

So who have heard or seen the TV show Minute to Win It?? Well one night Pam said we had to come of with something for someone to do and they have to TRY to do it in a minute?

David had to stack two bocce balls on top of each other!

Matt had to put Desitin (thats all we had) on his nose and transfer cotton balls from one bowl to the other bowl.

Kristin had to step on a broom and flick the broom enough to not hit the table and hit the plate for the plate to launch a marshmallow and catch it in a cup!

Jon had to strap this tissue box to his back and try to get 8 salt packets out of the box.

Jonathan had to roll himself in toilet paper!

This was the after math of him spinning so much! Boy was it funny!

T had to tie on a nylon to her waist with a ball in it. She then had to use the ball to hit another ball across the room!!

Kim had to stack three apples on each other!

I had to stack ?so many? cups in a pyramid and then unstack them! I'm pretty sure I was the only one who didn't do it in a minute!!

Jenni had to put together the front of a cereal box!

Amber had to blow of a deck of cards but not blow off the bottom white card

Pam had to pull the cards out from underneath the bottom of waters without knocking the bottoms down.
It was so much fun and soo funny to watch everyone be silly!

One day we were so lucky to go to the Newport Temple with Jon, Pam, T, and Matt!
The four of us in front of the temple!

Playing some bocce ball at the beach!

We had a pinata! Everyone fighting over candy!

Most of us enjoying the hot tub!

We then had family pictures at the beach before we left home!
Mine and Davids little family! haha
The Nielson Clan!
Thanks Mom and Dad Nielson for the trip and thanks to everyone for the tons of fun!!
My BEST friend got MARRIED!!!
While Chad went on a mission to Argentina for two years, Anais patiently waited for him and got married on July 10, 2010!!! Congrats!! Love you both!!
Me and Anais at her reception!

Well I'd like to make a special shout out to my mother and father!! TODAY is my Mom's birthday and next Wednesday is my Dad's birthday!! So me and David decided that we wanted to plant my mom and dad flowers in the flower garden spot and make a sign!
The finishing touch!!

This is the sign that me and David both made!!
Happy Birthday Mom and Dad Arnett!!

After we planted flowers at my parents house, we went over to David's parents and cut there bushes for them! Man was that some hard labor!! We rested the rest of the day!!
Well thats pretty much our summer so far! Besides trying to enjoy the heat, I've still been trying to get interview after interview but no luck yet, so if you know of any jobs out there feel free to send them our way!!
Next weekend we get to go to Utah for David's friend, Brad Marsh, wedding! We get to get out of the heat but of course right when its starting to rain!!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer!