Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grand FREAKING Canyon

Every year a guy in my parents ward, Bro. Hinton, hikes the Grand Canyon RIM-to-RIM (North Rim to South Rim). I've always wanted to do it since forever ago but always was busy with either cheer or work or whatever. Well Bro. Hinton talked Jackie into doing it which she then talked me and David into doing it. We started doing the practice town walks then actual hikes every Saturday in September. Well Braden and Porter started getting jealous and since Tyler had done it twice before they have always wanted to do it too, so they started practicing with us the last few weeks!
There ended up being 15 of us hiking it altogether. Friday, October 16th we left around 8:30 PM because we had to wait for David and Jackie to get off work. The rest of them left earlier that day. It was a 7 hour drive (YES, it SUCKED!!) but we finally arrived then an hour later we started hiking.
It was an awesome experience and loved it but definitely one of the hardest things I've ever done physically, emotionally, and mentally. The last 4 miles are all switch backs and seriously it was SOO HARD! I'll admit I cried most of the way up those last 4 miles! BUT I had my kind, sweet husband with me the whole time that pushed me to keep going!
Quick cute story... As we were hiking across the bottom of the Grand Canyon we were talking about how much faster he is than I am but I jokingly said "IF you really love me you'd stay with me the whole time and not leave me when we go up hill"! Well it came and I was having a really rough time up the last part and I told him "Just go up with Braden and Porter, you can leave me" And he said "You said if I loved you I'd stay with you so I'm staying with you!" AWWW he's such a sweetheart! So we finally made it! THANKFULLY!!!!
SO here are some PICS!!!
Our family + Katherine before we started hiking at 5:30 AM!! (ya i look like a freak!)

The whole group! OOHHH look at good ol' Bob on the right! haha (he was a character!)

Ever since I saw the first Twilight movie I've always wanted to climb up a huge tree and look out to a beautiful view with my lover like Edward and Bella did. Well seriously this was my view! You can't tell in the picture but as we were hiking down, this view was THE VIEW I've always wanted with my lover!

We took pictures at every bridge! My studly husband at this bridge!

This was our group we stayed with till we got to Phantom Ranch (which is basically a little more than half way from the North Rim at the bottom).

Braden and Porter at this swampy looking scenery bridge!

The four of us continued to go ahead and this is us crossing THE bridge which is the bridge going over the Colorado River!

See those mountains in the distance? Yup all the freaking way up there is where we went! UGH!!!

After those first switch backs I started my first tears! (which wasn't even the worst of it)

This sign says "DO NOT attempt to hike from the canyon rim to the river and back in one day. Each year hikers suffer serious illness or death from exhaustion." ... YA - I know why now!
Us at the top!
Braden made it 2nd at 9 1/2 hours!
Porter made it around 10 hours!
David and I made it in 11 hours!

Yes, we are crying! I was just so happy we both made it!
Jackie and Katherine made it 12 hours!

The whole gang!
Everyone was done by 12 1/2 hours which is the fastest the WHOLE group has done in the many years Bro. Hinton has done it! (I think!)
Awesome experience!.. I think if I were to do it again I'd do more training
BUT that's IF I do it again!!